Tech Spects
Air Flow 560 CFM
More cfm than any other portable unit available
Permanent split capacitor, backward curved motorized impeller
120 on high 40 on low
Voltage Options
115 volts or 220 volts
22" height, 15" diameter
45-60 lbs total weight
Sound Level
28.1db on low (at 6 feet) 62.3db on high (560cfm)
(Room level 25.1db)
Housing / Finish
Powder coat steel body
Etl Certified
Conforms to ANSI/UL 507
CSA C22.2 no 113
Fume / Odor / Chemical Control
18 - 26 lbs Carbon, regular or special blend
570 sq in surface area, 12" x 2"- 3" deep
True HEPA 40 sq ft:
Warm rolled to prevent cracking, 10 pleats per sq inch, maximizes filtration (other systems only use 6-8 folds), Spacers to make sure every fold filters
285 sq in x 1" deep

Wall Brackets
Horizontal Vertical

The Airpura 600-W
may be installed as a by-pass to your central air system or in a variety of ways to suit your air purification needs

The Airpura 600 Central Air System
Enjoy the benefits of clean air in every part of your home

Simple installation provides continuous air purification
The Airpura W600 air purification unit can be easily installed into your central air system.

The W600 draws a portion of the main airflow as a by-pass, purifies it and returns the clean air into the

Airpura's efficient 560 CFM fan motor ensures that no change in air pressure takes place in your central air system.

Even when your central air system is turned off the Airpura W600 can continue to filter and distribute clean air throughout your home.

The continuous purification of the W600's high efficiency filtration system will clean the air in your home and eliminate any new pollutants introduced in the normal course of everyday activities.

With the W600's variable speed control, you choose the level of purification required: from OFF to MAX.

You will save on your energy costs and help protect the environment by cleaning and recirculating your indoor air instead of heating or cooling outdoor air.

Safe effective air purification
for home, office and workshops

Enhanced Carbon for Specific
Chemicals and VOCs

Complete filtration for Microbes,
Chemicals & Particles

Complete filtration for
Chemicals, Odors, Particles
& Microorganisms featuring
the new TitanClean
photocatalytic oxidation technology

Extra Large Carbon Bed for
Maximum Chemical Adsorbtion

For Allergy & Asthma Sufferers & Large Scale Particle Filtration

Filtration That Truly Cleans Your Indoor Air
Easy Change Pre-filter
Simply unclip the input pipe and replace the pre-filter pad
18 lbs Carbon Filter
Absorbs airborne chemicals noxious gases and odors
True HEPA filter
Traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns
Germicidal UV Lamp Option
Sterilizes mold spores, micro-organisms, antigens and pathogens.
Advanced Design for Maximim Efficiency
Motor and electric parts out of the airflow
Other systems blow clean air over the motor and recontaminate it
One piece motor / fan assembly
Eliminates vibration problems where separate fan is attached to a shaft with a set screw. Compact motor / fan design allows more space for filtration
Powdercoat steel housing
Robust construction. No plastic vapors.
Felt Gaskets
Seal the filter chamber:
No off gassing from rubber seals
Unique pressure seal
The pressure seal system on the filter chamber ensures that all the impurities pass through the filters.
Other systems allow dirty air to escape
and fail to acheive their promised HEPA rating of 99.97% filtration
UV Germicidal Lamp in the W600-UV

20 watt UV lamp
30,000 um per sec squared
mold spores, micro-organisms antigensand pathogens
Lamp situated in filter chamber
Kills organisms as they are trapped by the filters
Other UV machines
place the UV lamp in the air flow away from the filters.
Microbes can escape back into the air.

*If you or someone in your family has allergies or asthma or other symptoms of respiratory distress
an Airpura High Efficiency Air Purifier can make a difference.

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UV Lamp Option

Special Blend Carbons from $100